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Introducing Shade ØS1 Table, Floor & Wall

Three new members of the ØS1 family have joined the ØS1 Pendant, creating even more flexible solutions: ØS1 Table, ØS1 Floor and ØS1 Wall. Put it on your work desk, your nightstand, your hallway wall or next to your favourite armchair.

The ØS1 series is made to provide almost infinite lighting possibilities. Set the temperature, the intensity and the colour of the light source. Use it as an up-light, a down-light a bed light, a kitchen light, a dinner-light. In other words: make it your own light.

At Shade we combine cutting edge technology with beautiful Nordic design. The result is an aesthetic lamp that is responsive to your personal needs and easy to fit into any environment.

Download our 2019 catalogue here to see and read more about our line extension.

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